Run for Boston – Help us Donate to The One Fund Boston

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The tragic events that occurred during the Boston Marathon this past Monday will never be forgotten. In order to honor everyone affected by the tragedy, Active Accessories will be taking an active part in the relief effort. As an organization, we stand for “being active,” which means healthy living, especially through running. Company founder, Karen Welby, has been a competitive runner for over 15 years, coached collegiate student athletes, and privately trains clients for road races.

As the world’s oldest annual marathon, the participants, the supporters, and the event itself represent an ideal of our healthy living model. Consequently, the tragedy that occurred here comes as an attack on our values as a company, as runners, and as human beings. Ensuring the comfort and care of the victims, and supporting the continuation of all marathons requires standing strong with Boston.

As sign of support and unity, from now until May 15th at 2:50pm EST, we will donate $2 to the The One Fund Boston for every Active Hair Band Bracelet Set sold.

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino established The One Fund Boston “to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.” Victims’ enduring struggles will be both physical from injuries and psychological from the day’s trauma.  Pain will also spread to victim’s families, friends and communities who must support them in these difficult times.

Join us in doing our part to lift up all of them, runners, families and friends like all of us, as they strive to overcome this tragedy.

You can donate directly to the The One Fund Boston by clicking here or visit our webstore and purchase On-The-Go Hair Band Bracelets.

Our Hair Band Bracelets are also available on


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On-The-Go Accessory Pouch review from The Singing Runner

Katy, writer of The Singing Runner blog recently reviewed our On-The-Go Accessory Pouch. She had some really insightful things to say! You can read her entire review on her blog, but we wanted to include an excerpt here! This is what she had to say:

If you are looking for a cute stocking stuffer for your favorite runner, cyclist, gym-rat, or really anyone in particular, I would definitely recommend this product. You know that I will not agree to do a product review if I do not see myself using it! I have used the pouch a couple of times over the past week and have loved the functionality of it. The pouch is large enough to hold a number of items, but small enough to be held in your hand without being a nuisance. Not only is this pouch good for running or bringing to the gym, but also it is also good for running errands or going out at night and you do not want to carry a lot of items with you.

You can read the entire review here. She has great things to say and included some fabulous photos! Thanks Katy!

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

It’s that time of year – the time for gift giving. If you are buying presents for a runner, here are a few gift ideas. Remember, running gear and fitness related products can help you to reach 2013 fitness goals.

Saucony Mod Striped Headband.

This Saucony headband can be found on Saucony’s website for only $15. You can never have enough ear warmers, right?

Active Accessories On-The-Go Accessory Pouch.

We had to include our very own On-The-Go Accessory Pouch! Designed to fill our own frequent need of a “fun and sporty looking” accessory holder to put jewelry in when going from work to the gym or running outside. Never lose an earring or have your jewelry wind up at the bottom of your bag again! Active Accessories’ On-The-Go Accessory Pouch is a versatile, sporty clutch for women of all ages who are always “on the go.” It makes the perfect gym buddy as it easily stores your phone, ID and keys. Buy it on for only $14.95 with free shipping.

FreeMotion Women’s Enhance Jacket.

Living in the North means running in cold winters. This jacket from FreeMotion Motion Fitness is great! It’s thin enough to wear running and is lined with fleece to keep you warm. It is a good length, form-fitting, and a great shade of grey. You can buy it on FreeMotion’s website for $96.

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale.

The EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale is a perfect gift for any runner.  The GetFit Scale tells you your weight, percent body fat, percent muscle mass, percent body water and bone density. You can easily watch your numbers change as you train for events. Instead of seeing the scale increase in only pounds, you can actually see where your added weight is coming from – fat or muscle. You buy this scale on Amazon for $54.95 with free shipping.

Garmin 405CX GPS Watch.

The Garmin 405CX GPS watch is definitely one of our favorite running accessories. This GPS watch is VERY accurate (sometimes we still use mapmyrun to check it) and not too big for your wrist, like some of the earlier models. It tells your pace, distance and time and wirelessly uploads this data through a Garmin USB port. You can buy this particular watch on Amazon for $190 but there are many other less expensive models.


What’s on your Holiday Wish List?

On-the-Go Accessory Pouch Review from the Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug

We sent Jeannette Fender who writes the blog the Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug one of our On-the-Go Accessory pouches to try out. This is what she had to say:

Active Accessories was created in order to help promote living a healthy lifestyle. Their products are specially designed to make getting out there and getting your workout on easier for you! And they definitely work. I’ve found that I carry it constantly because it’s such an easy and effective way to have only the items that I absolutely need. It’s perfect also for when I take the kids to the park or we walk down the block to the store. Because anytime I need to, I can have my hands free but still have everything I need to feel prepared for any situation! The On-the-Go Accessory Pouch is the perfect stocking stuffer for the mom who likes to get out and go this year! It has made working out and even just chasing the kids easier for me and has been a perfect way to make sure I have everything I need, even when I am on the go!

You can read the entire review here. She has great things to say and included some fabulous photos! Thanks Jeannette!

Tips to Stay Motivated and Strong – Mentally and Physically through Race Day

When you sign up for a road race, you usually have a few months to prepare for the big day. You’re feeling excited and motivated and looking forward to getting started with your training. So how does one maintain motivation, avoid boredom with their training or overcome self doubt after a sub-par run? How do you keep the exciting and motivating feelings from sign up through race day? We’ve put together a few tips for runners who find themselves in this spot.

Tip 1 – Find a Running Buddy.

Have a person you meet up with at least once a week and tackle long runs together. Instead of meeting a friend for dinner or drinks, meet up in workout clothes and head outside. It’s a great way to catch up with someone in an active, healthy way – and the miles fly by!

Tip 2 – Try a New Loop.

Running the same loop over and over is going to get boring.  Try going to a local park or track and check out new scenery.  A good site to search find loops near you is on USA Track and Field.

Tip 3 – Spice Up Your Same Old Loop with Fartleks.

Fartleks break up the monotmy of running your same old loop because your focusing on the watch – not the loop. Try different types of fartlick runs such as:

Fartlek #1 – Run 1-2 Miles warm up then run 1 minute hard – 1 minute easy, 2 minutes hard – 2 minutes easy,  3 minutes hard – 3 minutes easy,  3 minutes hard – 3 minutes easy,  2 minutes hard – 2 minutes easy, 1 minutes hard – 1 minutes easy – then cool down for 1-2 Miles.

Another Fartlek to pass the time and work on your speed is 10x30seconds. Run 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy – repeat for a total of 10 times.

Tip 4 – Run in the Morning.

When you put off your run until the evening, you have it sitting on your “To Do” list all day. After a long, tiring day, you might start to see the run as a daunting chore. Avoid this predicament by setting your alarm a bit earlier and running first thing in the morning. Also, crossing something off your list gives you a feeling of accomplishment before you leave the house!

Tip 5 – Don’t sweat a “Bad Run”.

Bad runs happen. Anything from what you ate, how you slept, how stressful your day was, how hydrated you are and what the weather is can all affect your run. Try and figure out the cause of why the run didn’t go as planned, take note and move on.

Tip 6 – Plan Your Weeks.

Everyone is busy. Take time on Sunday nights and plan your week. Deciding what days you will run and what time of day will help keep you on track. Schedule them in your calendar just as you would an appointment.

Tip 7 – Reward Yourself.

Set small goals along the way and reward yourself. If you killed a hard workout, reward yourself with your favorite Italian dish or a cold beer. Be sure to set a reward for race day and if you hit your goal – indulge! You earned it!

What other tips do you have to stay motivated?