Back to School, or Not: Tips to Stay Active during the Fall Season

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tipsforstayingactiveIt’s officially Fall, the time of the year where the leaves turn colors, going back to school, and ultimately the beginning of the holiday seasons. Also, it’s a great time to look at current health goals before the craziness of holiday events take over your schedule. Here are a few tips to help you stay active and healthy during the fall.

Depending on your region, temperatures still might vary. Fall might be one of the best times to exercise outside as the mornings are often cool and afternoons warm up. Looking up local parks or hiking trails in your area is a great start. Its a win-win situation when you can surround yourself with beautiful views while becoming healthy and exploring something new. It’s important to remember that exercise doesn’t have to be timed or at the gym.

You may not notice being thirsty as quickly in cool weather which can lead to dehydration. Fall can still have some hot temperatures, so make sure stay hydrated through out the day!

If you suffer from any type of joint pain, walking on nature trails is perfect for you. This helps reduce a repetitive stress that is caused by walking on a treadmill or pavement. If the weather isn’t looking good another option is go head to your local mall and go walking. Getting up and getting out somewhere to be active is better than spending the day inside your home sedentary.

Also, sunscreen is important year round, even when it is cooler or cloudy. Your skin deserves being healthy with the rest of you, so make sure you put on some every time you head outside.

The most important thing is to just get up and go enjoy yourself. Find the things you love to do and find ways to be more active with those activities. Possibilities are limitless!

How do you like to stay active during the fall?

Post by Intern, Lynn Nguyen.  Lynn’s a student in the academy of Health Care Sciences at her school. She’s found a love for fitness, nutrition and health and wellness. 

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